Programme and topics

Main Topics


  • Plenary: Cuthbertson Lecture & Wretlind Lecture
  • ESPEN Symposia: Research Fellows’ & Clinical Trials
  • Best Abstracts Session
  • ESPEN Guidelines: presentation of new guidelines + two consensus meetings
  • Oral Communications Sessions
  • Poster Presentations
  • Pro-Con Debate: GM Foods


  • LLL Courses:
    • Friday 30th August and Saturday 31st
      August: 15 LLL courses and 1 T-LLL course
    • During the congress:
      • Updated courses on nutrition in cancer
        patients, nutrition in the ICU, preoperative
        nutrition and obesity
  • Two case discussions: COPD patient and a
    patient after bariatric surgery
  • ESPEN Guidelines: Presentation of new
    guidelines & consensus meetings